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Edgar Knoop, mikado '96, Farbstelengruppen, Universität Augsburg, 1996 13.03.2014 - 25.05.2014:

Edgar Knoop 1964 - 2014
edgar knoop is artist and colour theorist. from 1972 to 2000, he taught experimental and applied colour theory at the munich academy. research into colour theory, the study of colour systems, the science of colour contrasts, the phenomenon light and light technology form the basis of his artistic work. subsequently, since the 1960s, he has continuously been building up a stringent œuvre which unites art, science and technology, using an experimental and interdisciplinary approach. colour and light determine the further development as constant aspects which manifest themselves alternately with form, space and movement in a broad spectrum of two- and three-dimensional works. the work is expressed along the lines of concrete art, op art and kinetics in the media of collage, sculpture, installation, photography, as well as on a large scale in the related disciplines of tapestry and art in public space. knoop's means are reduced and concise. they are restricted to basic pictorial elements and a clear, rational formal vocabulary. his materials and methods are modern, up to date and consistent with current scientific knowledge. the work aims at a specific effect and is based on exact planning, mathematical and technical calculation. edgar knoop combines the work of the artist with that of the researcher or engineer. he constructs works fluctuating between artistic object and technical/scientific apparatus. the exhibition and the accompanying publication provide an overview of all his creative periods. the heterogeneous works are arranged as a meaningful whole, so that their specific relevance and their overall logical connection are readily discernible. Edgar Knoop lives und works since 2002 in Seeboden / Millstätter See, Austria.

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