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IN-between-SPACE, 2014, Detail, ©Bildrecht, Wien, 2014 06.04.2014 - 25.05.2014:

Eva Petrič. IN-between-SPACE
The young Slovenian artist Eva Petrič has grown up on various continents and cultural circles. The experiences as a cosmopolite have influenced her views on the world and life and sharpened her sensibility. with these prerequisites, the artist has developed an individual interdisciplinary language. She draws upon the stock of human history freely and unconventionally, subjectively charging fairytales and myths, signs and symbols, discoveries, inventions and relics, interpreting them and combining them with personal thoughts and feelings, in order to find her way to new narratives. In fantastical presentations with poetic, transcendent or real pictures and pictorial spaces, she creates actual and imaginary spaces. In the Burgkapelle, Eva Petrič stages a multimedial work based on an ESA photograph of the space telescope "Hubble", depicting newly emerged stars and star constellations. Petrič replicates this specific stellar formation, by sewing countless little doilies together into large textile shapes and stretching them across the chapel like a backdrop. Additionally, there is a soundscape with NASA recordings of sounds from outer space, the artist's singing and music by her and Matija Strniša, together with photographic projections which transform the room into an interactive, evocative structure. The chapel as a spiritual setting oversteps the boundaries of its former purpose. The existential questions, so pressing in the spiritual context are raised in an extended discourse, outside the religious framework, which combines the big bang theory and the theological myth of Creation.

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